Kamaliya A New Rising Star in 2015

Kamaliya has already established herself as one of Ukraine’s biggest stars now she is bringing her unique brand of pop-opera-dance fusion back to the UK following a number one hit in the dance chart with Crazy In My Heart in late 2011 and a string of hits in 2012.

Not only that, but she and her husband Zahoor are the stand-out stars in the major Fox TV reality show ‘Meet The Russians’.

Despite having a hundred and one things going on in her life, right now Kamaliya’s main focus is getting back on stage and showcasing her new hit “NeverWanna Hurt You” and album.

Kamaliya: “I am happiest when I am on stage with my dancers around me. I like to put on a big show with incredible lights and lasers and create a real party atmosphere.

My aim is to make the world feel good!”

And in 2015 we will deliver.

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